Able to go to any place

With a robuts structure the X Drone Mutant can handle any challenge. You can drive it over any type of surface as if it were a land vehicle, and, with a simple click on the remote control, fly as you would with any other drone. It also climbs up walls and even slides down roofs. Don´t forget to take your best photos and videos with its nano camera technology included in its structure.

- Transmitter 2,4Ghz (50-80 m).

- Gyro 6 axis.

- 4 chanels.

- Lithium battery. (Between 7 and 9 minutes).

- 2 Modes.

- 2 Speeds.

- Flip&Roll.

- LED lights.

- Indoor/outdoor.

- Made with PVC.

- Measures: 18.5 x 18.5 x 5 cm.

-4 AA Batteries not included.