You can not escape the all-seeing eye

The new FlyPro technology comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable. Enjoy flying and maneouvring with great precision and stability. You can also take pictures and videos with any of our range of cameras, including WiFi FPV and 5,8Ghz FPV

-Transmitter 2.4 GHz (80-100 meters range).

-6-axis Gyro.

-4 channels.

-Lithium battery. (Between 7 and 9 minutes).

-3 Speeds.


-LED lights.

-Night flying.

-Optional: normal camera  SD/HD (photo and video), Wifi FPV and 5,8 Ghz FPV. Not included.

- Indoor / Outdoor.

-Possibility of connecting flight outside housing.

-Manufactured in PVC.

-Measures: 38.5x38.5x8 cm

-4 AA batteries not included.

-Protection ring Included.